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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Cryotherapy Help Me?

A brief exposure to extreme cold causes a fight or flight response that triggers natural healing reactions within your body such as anti-inflammatory responses, endorphin release, elevated metabolic rate, increased biochemical activity and boosted immune function. These reactions translate into less pain, better function and an improvement in overall health.

What Can I Expect During My Cryotherapy Session?

A cryotherapy session is conducted by a trained cryo-technician who will remain with the client during the entire session. The client will complete and sign a waiver which highlights if the client has pre-existing conditions that would not allow them to undergo a session. The next step is to lead the client into a private room where they will be provided with socks, gloves and slippers and a robe to wear. Once the client is dressed and ready, they will begin the session.

What To Expect After My Cryotherapy Session?

Once the sessions are over, our cryo-technician will help the client exit the chamber and the client will return to the dressing room to change into comfortable clothes performing a light cardio workout. Your body will body will quickly return to its normal body temperature and you will feel energized and refreshed and this is because of the release of endorphins. The light cardio will be completed in a workout station for at least 5 minutes.

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